We have two tiers of members:
                  voting and non-voting members.


Voting Members

Our voting membership is a closed group of organisations that were members of our association prior to incorporation.

Our six member organisations are: 


My National Voice- Advocacy Membership 

My National Voice Advocacy Members collectively form a national carer community. This community proudly stands together to:

  • Be informed about mental health carer issues
  • Have a voice to be heard and to speak up about mental health carer issues
  • Take action and contribute their ideas to our work

This membership is a non-voting membership, within Australia.

Membership is currently free & open to:

  • Families & Carers - of someone experiencing mental health issues. 
  • Friends of MHCAA - people or groups who have an interest in mental health carer and family issues. 


Benefits of the membership

Be informed 

  • Subscription to our monthly e-newsletter 
  • Regular updates on issues affecting the mental health families and carers.
  • Information and support through materials and ideas.

Have a voice 

  • Tell your story through the Our National Voice initiative
  • Join dedicated carer advocates across the country and speak up and speak out about mental health carer issues. Together our voices will make a difference to ensure people with a mental illness, and their families and carers, will be understood, respected and provided with a level of treatment and support which provides them with the opportunity to be included in their community.

Take action 

  • We will stay in touch to share our work with you and draw on your ideas. 
  • You will receive invitations to take action on our advocacy and campaigns. This might include:
  • Providing advice and feedback for our campaigns and advocacy 
  • Sending an email to a member of parliament
  • Speaking with the media
  • Attending an event

Apply for Membership

To apply for the free membership download the form here.

Contact Details
For information please contact
Jenny Branton

Executive Officer

 Mental Health Carers Australia


Please note: My National Voice- Advocacy Members have no right to vote at any general meeting of the Association.