Committee Members

Kristine Havron, President 

Kristine is the President of Arafmi NSW and a member of Mental Health Carers Arafmi Australia. She currently represents MHCAA on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carers Forum.

Patrick Hardwick, Vice-President

Patrick became a carer 19 years ago. Patrick holds positions within: the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network, the Private Mental Health Alliance, the board of Mental Health Carers Arafmi WA (now HelpingMinds), the board of Mental Health Australia, the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum, and the National Register of Mental Health Consumers and Carers. 

Warren Jenkins, Secretary 

Warren was the previous Executive Officer of MHCAA and Executive Director of Arafemi Victoria. He has spent over 25 years in the management of mental health and disability services. Warren has been a mental health carer for 20 years, and represents the Mind Australia Board. 

Jean Humphrey, Treasurer 

Jean has been a Board member of Arafmi Queensland since 1999 and held positions of Treasurer and Vice President. She has previously been the Qld Carer representative on the National Mental Health Consumer & Carer Forum and has held the positions of Deputy Co Chair and Ordinary Executive member. 

Bronwyn Russell, Member

Bronwyn has degrees in Psychology and Biology, and a Graduate Diploma in Management. She is presently the Director of Engineers Australia Northern Division, President of Mental Illness Fellowship NT and an ordinary member of MHCAA.

Kate Shipway, Member

Kate is President of Mental Health Carers Tasmania. Kate has been involved as a mental health carer and advocate for over 10 years. She represented Tasmania on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carers Forum from 2005-09 and represented ARAFMI Tasmania on the Mental Health Council of Tasmania from 2003-2011.