Carer Services


HelpingMinds (formerly Arafmi)- WA Member 

HelpingMinds (formerly Arafmi) is the pre-eminent mental health services and carer support organisation in Western Australia.

Mental Health Carers ARAFMI NSW Inc- NSW Member

ARAFMI NSW provides support, education and advocacy for the carers, family and friends of those experiencing mental illness across NSW.


Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT)- NT Member

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (NT) is a non-government organisation providing services for people living with a mental illness and their carer’s and families. 

Mental Health Carers Arafmi Queensland Inc- QLD Member

Providing support services for families and friends of people with mental illness and/or psychiatric disability. 

Mental Health Carers Tasmania- TAS Member

Mental Health Carers Tasmania is a statewide leader in the provision of mental health carer support. 

Mind Australia- National Member

Mind Australia is a leading provider of community mental health services.
They support people to live connected, productive and satisfying lives.